You’re welcome to download plain but smart flash menus / flash buttons.

They are both: easy to download and to use. Online, free, smart menu builder
with live preview which meets all possible requirements to create flash menu or flash buttons.
Configuring all of parameters can take five minutes (color, width, height, text etc.) Customize and create your unique website navigation.

Flash Buttons and Flash Menu


Online flash menu builder

We’re glad to represent you three types of menu and flash button developed especially for web designers and developers who need to use the easiest to implement and most efficient flash menu.
All web flash menus you can download and use absolutely for free.

The pride of our team is Flash Menu Builder. We’re sure that you value your time and money and that is why our flash menu builder is what you need to create flash button navigation for blog or website.
In several clicks your can customise flash menu, save it.

flash drop down menu horizontal

Horizontal Flash Drop Down Menu

All customization parameters available. Easy to change any paramters through XML file. Cool menu with unlimited sublevels, tree structure. Unlimited level structure.

flash menu accordion

Accordion Flash Menu

Simple and efficient 2-level menu.
Perfect in organizing vertical website navigation.
Also looking nice as a single flash button.

flash menu drop down vertical

Vertical Flash Drop Down Menu

Vertical menu with unrestricted leves, highly customization settings. Create your unique menu online
with our menu creator or download and try
free SWF object flash buttons.

menu creator ability

Online Menu Creator Ability

You can change any parameters of the menu All the changes can be seen immediately as far as our menu buttons builder is supplied with live preview function

menu builder - menu saving

Saving with Menu Builder

The last thing you need is to save your menu and apply one to website. Once you finished creating your menu - save it and get .SWF file. You will get a valuable website navigation.

online menu flash builder features

Online Generator Extra Features

You don’t need any additional software to change your web site’s external view. If you download our menu or buttons at your website and need to change some parametres afterwards:

- copy content of your .XML file to "XML" builder tub
- have your old menu’s parameters changed
- copy from the content of "XML" tub in .XML file
- paste renwed menu back into your website